We've worked with well-known companies such as: GE, Kaiser Permanente, Sears Home Services, Newmont Mining, Chick-fil-A, Baker Hughes, American Diabetes Association, LINK Strategy Group, Colorado Society of CPAs, Galvanize, gSchool, Saint Mary’s Academy, 360 Mindset, Blue Iron IP, Ecocentric Brands, Woman’s Vision Foundation, Entrepreneurs Organization, Sepialine, Earthspun Apparel, Rebound Solutions, Social Venture Partners, Faces Human Capital Management, Denver Urban Gardens, Mantra Scrubs, Billboard Ecology, The Youth Foundation, Girl PowHER, Get Team Go, ONE Pilates, Denver Language School, Gaining Perspective, FIT Asset Management, Profound Resilience, The Squeaky Bean, The Yes! Lab, Colorado Christian University, Centennial Institute, Justice and Lawyers Assistance Program, Denver Change Professionals Network, The Challenge Foundation

Case Studies

Ecocentric Brands

Jerry Wheeler, Owner, Ecocentric Brands, needed to give a presentation to raise capital for his sustainable clothing business. After a preliminary meeting, we agreed to work on both presentation development and public speaking.

Our solution was to first further define the objective of the presentation. We then identified and implemented stories throughout the presentation in order to create an emotional connection with the audience. Lastly, we explored exercises designed to enhance delivery, physicality and overall presence.

The result was that Jerry was more connected to his message, enabling him to tell his story in a more meaningful way. He is currently in production on a line of apparel made from recycled materials.

"Michael is an expert at taking complex business ideas and helping develop them into meaningful stories that resonate with a wide audience." - Jerry Wheeler, Owner

Sears Home Services

Mike Morgan, Regional Sales Manager, Sears Home Services, was having a challenge inspiring his sales team. Their productivity was down and the sales process was being neglected.

One of our solutions was to address their existing sales process. We had the team tell stories about some personal experiences they had with their customers. We then created emotional connections between those stories and each step of the sales process. Additional exercises focused on pitching strategies and persuasion techniques.

The result was that the team discovered new ways of approaching the sales process, which became more about helping people then just focusing on commissions.

"Be Story Driven was a key factor in helping our sales team create a more meaningful connection to our steps of sales process." - Mike Morgan, Regional Sales Manager

Galvanize gSchool

Galvanize gSchool is a 6 month program that trains software developers and helps them find jobs. Their challenge was to create a productive, collaborative environment at the beginning of the program.

Our solution was to create a customized improv workshop designed to help build emotional connections between the students. The exercises ranged from solving problems as a group to two person games to non verbal communication.

The result was that the students were more productive from the start. They felt more comfortable with each other, allowing them to concentrate more on the projects at hand.

"The whole day, including the arc of the day, was great.  The students throughout the first week started as a really cohesive group." - Jeff Dean, Lead Instructor and Director of Curriculum