Coaching can be done one-on-one or as a team to address a specific or ongoing need for presentation and communication skills. In tailored sessions, we incorporate acting and storytelling techniques as we look at your current challenges, explore ways to build meaningful connections to your message and then polish your delivery.

Be Story Driven - Public Speaking and Presentations

Do you have a presentation coming up? Or, do you simply want to have a stronger presence in your meetings or everyday interactions? Learn to engage, speak and present more confidently. Together, we work on handling your nerves, connecting with your material, connecting with your audience and how your presence is affected by physicality, tone and using your space effectively.

Private Coaching
One-on-one: For the Story Driven Program, we work around your schedule, coordinating six, 2-hour sessions. Ongoing coaching is available on an hourly basis.
Groups of 3-8: This can be delivered in multiple, 2-hour sessions, or as a half-day workshop(s). 

Public Sessions
Monthly public sessions hosted at Shift Workspaces on 383 Corona St, Denver, CO. Please contact us for days and times.

Presentation Development

Do you need to give a presentation, but haven’t developed it yet? In our time together, we’ll take your expertise and experiences and craft a presentation that engages and inspires your audience. We’ll discuss story structure, storytelling techniques and plan the flow of your material in a way that best fits your needs. The power is not found in the PowerPoint, but in the story and the storyteller.

Private Coaching
For the Story Driven Program, we work with you and your team, coordinating six, 2-hour sessions. Ongoing coaching is available on an hourly basis.

Comfort on Camera

Do you need help with your on-camera presence? We can teach you techniques for hosting, interviews and being comfortable in front of the camera. Whether you’re starring in a video for a company presentation, being interviewed or doing green screen work, Comfort on Camera is a great way to overcome those on-camera fears.


Sign me up! Coaching can be conducted live or via Skype/FaceTime and can be incorporated into group workshops. Number of sessions and length of time will be determined by your objectives and availability.