Chris Grundy

DIY Career

Story Driven Podcast with Chris Grundy - Host of DIY Network's/HGTV's Cool Tools, Blog Cabin, Home Strange Home, and Travel Channel's 50/50.

I've known Chris Grundy for over 20 years - the first thing you learn is to just call him Grundy. He's the kind of guy everyone wants to be around because he has such fun, positive energy. Weather it's playing hockey with his neighborhood crew in Illinois, fishing with his grandpa or cracking everyone up on the set of Blog Cabin, Grundy's philosophy is to treat others how you want to be treated and to just have a good time. I happen to know first hand that he also values hard work and doing things right.

It might surprise you to know that Grundy wasn't even interested in performing until he moved to Denver, CO. He moved for a job, selling copiers for IBM, and didn't really know anyone. That's when he saw an audition notice for an improv show in the paper and decided to give it a shot. He credits his improv background for his success on the DIY Network and Travel Channel. We also discuss storytelling and the difference between acting in a reality show, sit-com and a feature film.

Blog Cabin 2016 is currently underway. From flooring to exterior siding install, browse weekly construction photos and get the scoop on what's happening at the build site in Panacea, Florida. Check out Grundy's interview on DIY.


  • Being able to make mistakes, that's how you learn
  • You build confidence from doing improv
  • Rehearse it - again and again and again
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • It's OK to have fun at work
  • Safety first!

Jay Stickney

He shoots, he scores!

It was awesome chatting with the play-by-play sportscaster of DU Pioneer Hockey, Jay Stickney. He has been with DU for 16 years now and takes us through his time starting out to announcing the NCAA championship games in 2004 and 2005 and all of his crazy experiences along the way. Jay also talks about using the secrets of improv to engage his audience, the best and worst hockey towns and his brush with greatness on the set of Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke. He also gives us spot on impressions of sportscaster greats Keith Jackson, Harry Caray and Marv Albert (hint, Marv comes in at the end).

I met Jay from doing improv at Denver's Bovine Metropolis Theatre. In fact, it was Jay's comedic background that got him the job with DU, citing that they wanted someone more like Dennis Miller than just another broadcaster. Sometimes that his humor gets him in trouble with fans though:

"One time, four or five DU players were called for penalties at the end of a game and a couple guys had to sit on laps in the penalty box because the box only holds about three players at a time. So I made a joke about there being a lap dance going on in the penalty box. I got a call from an unhappy listener the next day. That was several years ago and I have not had any upset calls since. Maybe no one is listening to me anymore."

Jay also spends time helping people find their dream homes, staying amongst the Top 20% Producers among all Denver Metro Realtors. Let's face it, buying a home is stressful, why not pick a realtor who is entertaining? You can contact him through Brix Real Estate in Denver.

Please enjoy my talk with Jay Stickney. Thanks for listening!


  • Know yourself and know your audience.
  • It always sounds better saying it as it comes rather than scripting it out.
  • Be prepared to adjust.
  • Too many stats can overwhelm.
  • Learn the importance of silence.
  • Is there exaggeration in broadcasting? Absolutely.