First we discuss your objective for the video, then we help you with development and storyboarding. After that, we choose the location, hire talent (if necessary) and determine the size of the crew (one-man-band to a full crew). Then we turn the camera on. Action! You will end up with a fully produced video, in whatever format you need. 

Education and Training Videos

For online training videos, Be Story Driven is proud to collaborate with Denver-based production company, milehighhouse. We have recently worked with True Course Captain’s School to produce their six hour US Coast Guard approved video series. We are partners with and produce all of their music education videos. Our good friends at Green Builder Media tasked us to produce an educational film for Dietrich’s software for their amazing 3D software for architects and we do all of the product demonstration videos for

We can work with you to not only produce the media, but assist you in the best ways to distribute and promote the content. B2B or B2C – we will do the same for you.


Crowdfunding Videos

A Corporate Video can be used as part of a presentation,  a corporate event or for marketing purposes. That said, it will take more that facts and figures to inspire your audience. You need them to not only take action, but to remember and recall your message as well. Stories are the perfect way to do this.

"Be Story Driven helped us home in on our message, which we then integrated into our crowd funding video. The result was that we were able to successfully raise capital for our sustainable apparel company."

-Jerry Wheeler, Owner, Ecocentric Brands


Events - Live Stream

The Be Story Driven/milehighhouse collaboration extends into the live arena as well. One of the coolest parts of our job is getting to work in the field of event coverage. Having the opportunity to be a part of thought leadership events like Boulder TedX and the i4C Campaign as well as numerous speaking engagements, corporate and medical seminars, all types of classes and lectures are a great benefit in addition to the actual production work. We are proficient in multi-camera live recordings, and can broadcast over the web via our Tricaster 460 system.

Oh, and anytime we can get backstage access at Red Rocks we will take it! Being a part of a live event crew allows us to help our clients get an audience much larger than those in attendance by creating the archive for the future.

Explainer Videos

The American Diabetes Association needed to promote an event called Tour de Cure, Ecocentric Brands needed to raise capital for their sustainable apparel venture and Russ Krajec, founder of BlueIron IP, needed help telling people how he protects your business, not just get you a patent.

The solution in each one of these cases was to help our clients identify and deliver the stories that best represented their business or organization, meet their objective in producing the video and control their narrative.

The results included a successful event, enough capital to start production and a thriving IP practice.

BlueIron was formed to address the need of startups and small companies who often (1) have lots of ideas but (2) don’t have enough money to protect their ideas adequately.
— Russ Krajec


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