The art of improvisation is one of the most effective ways to accomplish these goals. To put your mind at ease, improv has nothing to do with being funny, witty or obnoxious. It’s all about listening, honesty and support. That’s not so bad is it?

Connect & Create

This workshop will help your team or leadership group build trust with one another, strengthen their communication skills and find confidence delivering their message to any audience. Using improv and storytelling techniques, we develop and reinforce essential social intelligence skills that will allow your team to become more effective and efficient. It will transform how they work with their team, stakeholders and customers. We can also enhance existing assessments and programs by taking them on a test drive, bridging the gap between education and application.

Customized Workshops
Connect & Create is delivered as a half-day workshop, with enhancement exercises, one-on-one coaching and follow-up workshops available as add-ons. 

Public Sessions
Monthly public sessions hosted at Shift Workspaces on 383 Corona St, Denver, CO. Please contact us for days and times.

Yes, And...

Looking for a high-octane, team building workshop that gets people clicking and fired up? Yes, And... is a fundamental principal taught at The Second City and it has been getting teams and ensembles connecting for years. Our team delivers this interactive workshop using demonstrations, exercises and smaller group games designed to meet your goals. It's the perfect program to create synergy with a new team or revitalize a longstanding one. All for one and one for all.

Customized Workshops
Yes, And... can be delivered as a 90-minute or half-day workshop.

Conferences, Summits and Retreats

Looking for an engaging and fun addition to your conference? Our team can deliver an interactive workshop with demonstrations, exercises and smaller group games to meet your objectives. It's the perfect program to include as part of a companywide retreat or bring in as a day long seminar. A great opportunity for the people from accounting to mix it up with the people from marketing.


Sign me up! Workshops are conducted live in large room settings that allow for easy moving around. Stages and breakout rooms are not required. Half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops can be designed.